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4 Ways to Revamp Your Long-Forgotten Garage


Join us today in exploring 4 tried and tested methods you can use to show your long-forgotten garage some much-needed TLC, revamping your cluttered space into one fit for function.

The following is a guest post by Tom Brialey | Cover Photo by John Paulsen on Unsplash

Has your garage been left abandoned and unloved for far too long? You’re not alone.

A home organization study from Moen found that the garage was the most cluttered space in homes. And, with the American Housing Survey reporting 80% of all US homes have a garage, we think it’s time something changed.

So join us today in exploring 4 tried and tested methods you can use to show your long-forgotten garage some much-needed TLC, revamping your cluttered space into one fit for function.

Reconsider your storage 

When was the last time you saw your garage floor?

Garages far too often serve as a dumping ground – a place to keep those countless boxes full of sentimental keepsakes and, let’s be honest, junk you can’t bring yourself to throw out!

Luckily, revitalizing your garage space doesn’t mean you have to begin a clearout and start planning your next yard sale. Instead, reconsider your storage solutions to achieve a more optimized and efficient means of storage.

The best way to do this? Utilize vertical space! Purpose-built garage shelving units are your best bet here. They’ll clear up valuable floor space and enable you to implement a logical organization plan. Regardless of whether your garage is merely practical or purpose-built for a specific use, increasing your storage capability is a must – trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Get decorative

One of the biggest appeals of a garage is that the possibilities really are endless. From workshops to games rooms, the purpose of your garage is completely up to you.

But of course, in order to revamp it successfully, you’re going to want to breathe a new lease of life into the space. So, it’s time to get creative!

Your options here are twofold:

Option A

Option A entails decorating based on purpose. For example, no games room is complete without arcade machines, pool tables and the likes, but don’t forget about trendy extras like beanbags, mini fridges and gadgets. Ultimately, it’s all about decorating the space with you in mind.

Option B

Alternatively, a general interior update will be equally as effective in revamping your garage space, and is often a great way of boosting your property’s value in the process.

Never underestimate the power of a new lick of paint. Opt for clean and crisp colors to make the space look polished and better organized, being sure to consider interior cohesion by matching your aesthetic with any features and appliances you may have on display. As a potentially damp space, to ensure functionality in the process, we recommend using moisture-blocking paint.

Evaluate your lighting

What use is a trendy new garage interior if it’s hidden by dingy garage lighting? Look to reevaluate your garage lighting to bring a little extra shine, both figuratively and literally, to your garage interior.

Again, there’s a whole range of options at your disposal, and picking the right one will depend on how you intend to utilize your space. As a rule of thumb, lighting should always be bright, efficient and easily accessible – particularly if your space is functional and prone to hazards.

Think about more than simply overhead lighting. Lighting above doors, on walls and beneath storage systems can be an effective way of ensuring practicality and style.

If your space is being used for entertainment, consider bringing an extra dimension to your space through snazzy features such as voice-activated colored lighting. Not only will this do wonders for your garage’s aesthetics, it’s also sure to become the envy of any friend who comes to visit! 

Alternatively, functional garage owners should focus more on their lighting’s practical properties. For example, opt for lighting fixtures with electronic ballasts to ensure a more reliable performance than traditional fluorescent lighting, which often becomes temperamental in conditions below 50 degrees.

Strengthen your security

A slick new garage interior deserves protection – particularly if it’s housing valuable items, whether that be in monetary or sentimental value.

An automatic garage door with remote sensors is a good place to start, providing you with both convenience and peace of mind.

For added reassurance, pair with a CCTV system – there are plenty on the market right now at cost effective prices. What’s more, contemporary systems are even compatible with smartphones, allowing you to stream the feed directly to your phone through an app. Again, convenience and peace of mind guaranteed.

Revitalizing your garage interior might sound like the mammoth task you’ve been putting off for years, but with the right know-how, it’s not as tough as it sounds. We hope the above tips give you the inspiration you need to turn your garage into the space you’ve always wanted.

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