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When Was the Last Time You Cleaned These 20 Items in Your Home?

These common items in your home need to be cleaned ASAP!




Did you know there are 10 MILLION bacteria per square inch of a kitchen sponge? ( What about the fact that your pillow is as germy as a TOILET SEAT! (NY Post) Those are just two of the mind blowing (and scary) facts about common household items that are probably not getting cleaned as regularly as they should be. With that said (or rather written :)) here are 20 items that you should give a little extra TLC to this weekend!

Remote Control

Good Housekeeping spilled the dirty truth on the Today Show by reminding us that while we know remotes are often the dirtiest item in a hotel room the same holds true for our homes. You should clean this, and game controllers, once a month with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip for those hard to reach spots.

Portrait of handsome young black man watching tv at home.

Stove Knobs

Cleaning stove knobs can be a pain but it is an important part of keeping your kitchen free of icky germs we spread from handling food. For a quick clean simply pull off the knobs and soak them in a bowl of white vinegar.

Oven knobs


Sometimes we forget to clean the things that clean </p>
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For some people cleaning is

For some people cleaning is one of those house maintenance tasks that is performed without too much enthusiasm, but it must be done, so they comply. Since millions of bacteria are everywhere around us, cleaning becomes a mandatory daily task. The specialists from the commercial cleaning Pittsburgh PA take their jobs very seriously and they are always prepared to deal with all sorts of dirt, leaving the place sparkling clean once they're done.