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Agent Survey: No One Beats Coldwell Banker When it Comes to Agent Satisfaction

Beyond tech, tools and training – Coldwell Banker has it covered when it comes to agent needs

After much anticipation, 2021 is finally here and it’s going to be extraordinary. While we all agree last year brought a seemingly endless string of adversity, on a positive note, it certainly gave us perspective.

Fortunately for real estate professionals, a renewed appreciation and meaning of home coupled with their ability to rapidly capitalize on technology has helped fuel one of the hottest housing markets in years. Remote work and schooling introduced flexibility that caused millions of homeowners across the US to rethink how and where they live and move to places that best fit their needs.

The interest in real estate is only not only growing for consumers, but also hopeful entrepreneurs. The National Association of Realtors has been reporting a continuously booming market and the market’s traction may cause unemployed professionals to consider a lucrative career in real estate. Making a jump into real estate may be an excellent fit for entrepreneurs who come with service, sales, and hospitality backgrounds, to name a few.

We also expect current agents to rethink what matters most to them in their careers, which will lead to many considering a switch in their affiliation to a brand that offers the services, technology, support, and brand recognition that will empower them to thrive, especially in a hot market.

More than 13,800 agents joined Coldwell Banker during the pandemic in what will always be known as a challenging year, to say the least. More and more professionals are choosing Coldwell Banker as their home, not only because it serves as a safe haven and navigator for its agents and clients, it provides the partnership that enables them to thrive.

As a leading brand in the industry, it is important to understand what attracts agents and what keeps them satisfied with their affiliation so we can ensure we’re always delivering. To do so, we commissioned a survey of 1,200 residential real estate agents, half of which are Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents and the other half are from a national panel of agents, called, What Matters Most to Real Estate Agents Today.

What Agents Want and Need

Interestingly, the survey found that nearly 1 in 6 agents is considering switching affiliation in the next two years, seeking:


When asked to rate the importance of a list of offerings that would draw them to Coldwell Banker, 92% of agents open to affiliating with Coldwell Banker said tech and tools, 91% said best training, 89% said best equipped to navigate the future of real estate and 88% said best-in-class service.

Agents were also asked a series of questions regarding their personal attitudes, beliefs, and priorities. Given the high value placed on trust, taking charge and striving to be the best they can be, it’s logical they want and expect the highest level of both rational (innovative tech, tools and training) and emotional support (environment, more team support and inspiring culture/diversity desires) necessary to accomplish their missions.

It is clear agents value innovation, tools and training, luxury expertise, a global perspective and a supportive, empowering culture – and based on our research, the Coldwell Banker brand checks every box.

When it Comes to Agent Satisfaction, No One Beats Coldwell Banker

Our survey findings paint a pretty clear picture of what makes Coldwell Banker the best in the industry and why agents continue to affiliate with the brand. One of the highlights of the research was affirming just how satisfied Coldwell Banker affiliated agents are compared to agents from other brands. Overall, 96% of Coldwell Banker affiliated agents had a positive or very positive opinion of the brand, while other brands averaged a 70% rate of positive or very positive agent opinions. Our network of more than 98,000 agents are heard, supported and well-equipped by the brand to adapt and prosper – making them happy, motivated, and successful.

When uncertainty struck in 2020, we were quick to help our agents access the technology required for them to help their customers navigate uncharted territory and achieve their homeownership goals, literally in a virtual world. This shift of technology and flexibility that is driving the housing market will only continue, even well after the pandemic subsides. Our agents have been guiding people home since 1906, and our brand is behind them, supporting them all the way.

Why 2021 Will Be an Exciting Year for Coldwell Banker

This year, Coldwell Banker is poised to support new and experienced agents, because we value what is most important to them and we provide the tools, education and support based on those needs.

Knowing tech is a top priority for agents, we’re pioneering a slew of marketing products and services to help agents succeed, from a customizable productivity suite that unites the key products and tools that independent sales agents need to run their business effectively in one cohesive, integrated solution, to offering a design platform that provides custom agent and team branding, including logos and bios.

Additionally, we’ve rolled out proprietary listing tools like Listing Conciergepersonal marketing and branding tools and innovative lead-generation platforms, all designed to help our agents achieve success.

We are excited to continue to roll out new, innovative technology and resources for agents this year and are even more excited to welcome more agents to our network of the most prestigious and premier in the industry.

Advance your career with Coldwell Banker, visit to get started.  If you’re looking for a brand that supports you with the products, tools and services that work for agents, connect with a brand representative today. If you’re already in the Coldwell Banker family, learn more about the latest tech tools and offerings from the brand to give you the competitive edge in 2021 by visiting Desk.

Contributed post by M. Ryan Gorman, President & CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate


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