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Today, every view of this video makes a difference. All you need to do is watch it and Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. Share to help spread the word! #BellLetsTalk






In September 2010, Bell Let’s Talk began a new conversation about Canada’s mental health. At that time, most people were not talking about mental illness. But the numbers spoke volumes about the urgent need for action. Millions of Canadians, including leading personalities, engaged in an open discussion about mental illness, offering new ideas and hope for those who struggle, with numbers growing every year.

As a result, institutions and organizations large and small in every region received new funding for access, care and research from Bell Let’s Talk and from governments and corporations that have joined the cause. Bell's total donation to mental health programs now stands at $93,423,628.80, and we are well on our way to donating at least $100 million.



Each time you tweet using #BellLetsTalk or watch our official video, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives.



Each time you use the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or watch our official video, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives.



Each time you watch our official video on Instagram, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives.



Each time you send a snap using the Bell Let’s Talk filter or watch our official video, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives.


Text messages

For every text message sent by a Bell Mobility customer, Bell will donate 5¢ towards mental health initiatives.*

*Text messages must be made and sent by a Bell Mobility subscriber. This event excludes iMessages. Regular charges apply.


Mobile and long distance calls

For every mobile and long distance call made by a Bell, Bell Aliant or Bell MTS customer, Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives.*

*By a Bell, Bell MTS or Bell Aliant mobile or home phone customer. Regular service charges apply.


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The discussions about the

The discussions about the mental health going on here will definitely bring out a good result and a solution to the problem. Yearly many people are being the the victims of this mental issues according to a source from edu birdie blogs. The generating of money by watching the videos through the social media posted is really a wonderful idea. This will definitely gather good amount of donations to this campaign.

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