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"Boot Camp is excellent. I would say you've got some excellent training which is made even more effective by being done by people who've actually done the business. OREA deals with the theory but having real world experience is much more relevant I believe. It was a great idea to have a new agent talk in the last session to again put a face to what's happening. Overall nothing much I can see to improve from my view.

I think your talk on farming was very useful. I used it here on the island and looked at the area close to where I live. Your length was good and your style connected well with the audience. As I've mentioned before I prefer people who can draw on their real life experiences which you did a great job of." - Mark

I really enjoyed the boot camp, very informative. I actually found the farming and referral part the most helpful. You can't find that information in the courses. The only thing I would suggest is spending more time on it. Boot camp gave me a lot to think about in preparing my self for becoming an agent. Great program, everyone was very helpful and friendly, making the process less intimidating. 
Thank you



At Coldwell Banker R.M.R. Real Estate (CB-RMR) we're re-defining how real estate careers are built with the new CB-RMR Scholarship Program, incredible systems and incentives to make your move into Real Estate Sales truly successful... STARTING WITH BOOTCAMP!

Real Estate BOOTCAMP is designed for those who are either curious about the real estate business or those that have more or less made up their mind to obtain a license, and may have already started their courses but are concerned about getting started in the business, staying on track and, most important, ensuring lasting success. Over the last 10 years nearly 70% of all BOOTCAMP graduates have earned award winning production within their first two years in the business. This is an outstanding result when compared to National statistics that show nearly 80% of those licensed leave the industry in their first two years. In essence, at CB-RMR we have "reversed the numbers!"

The CB-RMR Scholarship Program provides a new incentive for those who join CB-RMR after obtaining their license. The Scholarship provides for the reimbursement of your full Real Estate course fees along with the BootCamp fee during your 1st year in the business and spread over your first 5 transactions. In addition, tutoring and exam preparation for each of the courses is provided at no additional cost.

BOOTCAMP is a unique and exclusive 4 session, two hour program that runs one night a week from 7 to 9 PM for 4 weeks. Topics covered include everything from initial costs to aptitude, marketing, promotion, market and brokerage selections, technology and more. All delivered in an unbiased, balanced way to give you the trusted information to make a smarter decision.

Our next Bootcamp is starting soon, give as a call at the number below for dates and time. The total cost of the program is $175.00 plus taxes. It is offered at the Durham Training Centre, 1631 Dundas St East, Whitby.


We really are committed to your success right from the start. If you are truly interested in the exciting world of Real Estate Sales, our Real Estate Bootcamp and Scholarship Program are the place to start! There is so much to cover and to explain, I hope we have sparked your interest!

I strongly encourage you to enroll in the upcoming Real Estate BOOTCAMP program; it is something that I know you will find of great interest, extremely worthwhile and most importantly, very informative! To register, simply contact me and I will forward you the information.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Rafael Roberto, CRB
Broker of Record

Coldwell Banker RMR Real Estate




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