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October 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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September 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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August 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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July 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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July 4, 2018 - Deborah Malatesta's comments at the end of her training program


June 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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May 2018 - Comments from our Ultimate Service Surveys

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March 7, 2018 - Paul Orchard

Not sure why they put so much emphasis on schooling. The courses I've taken since at Coldwell Banker through Coldwell Banker and Joe and Debbie etc. have been far more beneficial than anything I learned at OREA.


May 25, 2017

Some Participants Feedback from our latest Bootcamp


May 4, 2017

Comments from the April replies to our Ultimate Service Survey

Re: Sharyn Hessin

Beth & Paul


Re: Steven Murray

  Margaret & William


March 23, 2017

The following are remarks from some of our new to the company sales representatives after completing their 9 weeks in-house training program.


November 28, 2016

Boot Camp is excellent.  I would say you've got some excellent training which is made even more effective by being done by people who've actually done the business.  OREA deals with the theory but having real world experience is much more relevant I believe.   It was a great idea to have a new agent talk in the last session to again put a face to what's happening.  Overall nothing much I can see to improve from my view.

I think your talk on farming was very useful.  I used it here on the island and looked at the area close to where I live.  Your length was good and your style connected well with the audience.  As I've mentioned before I prefer people who can draw on their real life experiences which you did a great job of.

Mark L.

Good afternoon Dennis
The Christmas party was excellent. Great food, entertainment and wonderful conversation.  Drew and I sat with Dianne Hooker, Robin Parish and Alan Goodley. I only heard good things about Coldwell Banker Port Perry office.  I really enjoyed the boot camp, very informative. I actually found the farming and referral part the most helpful. You can't find that information in the courses. The only thing I would suggest is spending more time on it. Boot camp gave me a lot to think about in preparing my self for becoming an agent. Great program, everyone was very helpful and friendly, making the process less intimidating. 
Thank you



April 20/16

Good morning Shawn. A BIG thank you for all your hard work and I'm sure frustration. The property at 10869 County Road 9 is SOLD! The corresponding open house the  day after the FEATURE was HUGE! Please thank the folks at the STAR for me. I'm sure you know that Northumberland County has gone crazy. Durham/Toronto people are migrating here in droves! YOU are such a valuable asset and I appreciate everything you do!


Sept. 10/15

I wanted to send a personal note of thanks for the excellent services I received while searching and purchasing my first home. Your agent Ken Brumby provide me with excellent service walking me through every step of the home buying experience. Ken demonstrated excellence in customer service. Ken also brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience to the process - his input is invaluable. I have recommended and plan to continue to recommend both Ken and your brokerage to my friends and family. Thanks for making my recent purchase a positive experience.

Regards, Brett


July 16/15

This letter of reference is for Georgena Bates, an agent with Coldwell-Banker - R.M.R Real Estate, Brokerage, Lindsay, ON.

There are so many wonderful things I could say about Georgena.  When I moved to Canada from the United States and decided to become a citizen, I started looking for a house.  Georgena was the agent I chose and I could not have been happier.  She found me an adorable house within my price range and on the edge of town in Lindsay.  I had so many questions about the purchase of the property because I was not familiar with real estate do’s and don’ts.  Georgena  took me under her wing and walked through all the steps necessary which included but not limited to financing, a lawyer, the tax office, form I needed to fill out.  This lady is on the ball in every aspect of her job.  When you are dealing with Georgena it is more like dealing with a friend.  Anytime I called her day or night she was always there to help me.  She works for her client and if you have questions and she is not available – she will call you back ASAP with what you need to know.

In May 2014, I decided to downsize and move into an apartment.  I put the house on the market, of course with Georgena.  I had all the confidence in her ability to sell my home.  She is truly a professional with class and I relaxed and again let her do her job – which she did.  The response was overwhelming.  The property was sold, the new owners are happy, I’m happy, and the lovely lady Georgena is happy.

No one knows the future,  but rest assured, if I decide later in life to purchase another home Georgena will be my agent of choose.  I hope that any future clients that I have recommended will put their trust in Georgena.  They will not be disappointed.  Georgena is a credit to your agency.  You are blessed to have her on your staff.

I am a very satisfied client.


Judy Ann


July 6/15

I just finished a file with Marden Bastos of Coldwell Banker RMR in Whitby, Ontario. 

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed working with Marden, I found her smart, understanding and pro-active, among other things and that I would welcome the opportunity to work with Marden again.



Cartus Relocations



Nov. 4/14

Re: Dale O’Neill

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend our agent Dale O’Neill, whom we hold in great esteem.

We worked with Dale for over a year to find our ideal property in Uxbridge. During that period we had numerous moments of indecision. We wavered on what type of dwelling would best suit our needs, in which areas of Uxbridge we wanted to concentrate our search, and what our budget would be. Through it all dale was steadfast in his dedication, professionalism and diligence. He was infinitely patient, and was quick to adapt his search to meet new criteria. Further to this, Dale is the type of agent who anticipates the needs of his client - he is consistently proactive rather than reactive. There were many times during showings, for example, when we would pose questions about by-laws or town services, only to find that Dale had already taken the trouble to clarify with the Town of Uxbridge.

We have worked with enough agents in the past to know that the degree to which Dale will advocate for his client, and the level of commitment he has to offer, is rare indeed. Throughout the process we knew with certainty that Dale would offer honesty and good advice. He is a most attentive agent, returning phone calls and emails immediately and never missing a detail. His help extended beyond the traditional roles of a real estate agent, and continued long after he’d sold us our dream home.

It is without hesitation that we recommend Dale to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Yours sincerely,

Cynthia & Ryan


Hello Ralph,

Our names are Mike and Bev and we recently had Marilyn Almeida represent us on the sale of our home in Oshawa as well as the purchase of our new home. Bev and I want to thank you for the opportunity to complete the Service Questionnaire regarding our Selling and Buying experience with Coldwell Banker, and specifically with Marilyn. Our only concern is there wasn’t enough space to properly extend our appreciation for the efforts Marilyn displayed over the period of 8 months we worked with her. We’re not sure if 8 months is a record to find a house, but let us explain the reason for the time being somewhat prolonged. We are very particular (read picky) about our environment, especially our home, and not to make it a little more challenging for Marilyn, my parents will be moving in with us as they enter their 80’s, as a comfort measure for them. So, Marilyn was dealing with 4 somewhat different perspectives and needs over these 8 months. If she was ever frustrated, it never showed, not once. Marilyn also sold my parents’ house in Oshawa, and Mom and Dad think the world of her, as do Bev and I.

Marilyn is an extremely personable, genuine and dedicated individual, as well as a loving, caring and dedicated Mother and Wife, we know this because Bev and I have had the pleasure of meeting Merrick and Emma, so we recognize what a well-grounded person Marilyn is, in addition to the high standards she displays as a Real Estate Representative for Coldwell Banker.

To say Marilyn made the selling and buying experience enjoyable would be an understatement, and would not adequately recognize her efforts. Marilyn made the (numerous) house visits fun with her honest and straightforward comments. We’re sure she also logged about 5,000km over the last 8 months with the different areas we dragged her out to. In addition to being very polite and cheery, we also saw the firmness she displayed while dealing with a rather “difficult” agent on the purchase house. I’ve been a Manager with 2 very large companies for over 35 years and I can tell you, if it had been me in the same situation, I would not have been as diplomatic; I would have “lost it”. Marilyn held her frustration as the same time relaying her dissatisfaction on several levels with the Agent. Bev and I were there to witness the whole situation, and were very impressed, and thankful that Marilyn was on our side.

In our opinion Marilyn has gone “well” above and beyond what we would have expected from an Agent, and we’re sure that must be part of the Coldwell Banker mission, but it also has to be inherent trait in an individual to begin with.

We have expressed our gratitude and sincere appreciation to Marilyn on several occasions for everything she has done, and continues to do for us, but we also felt it was necessary to highlight her efforts to you. In customer service, the ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of the Customer. Marilyn has surpasses the “satisfied” level and has “delighted” our family. We believe we have found our dream home, and hope we never move, but if we do, we would refuse to work with anyone other than Marilyn.

Ralph, please convey our thoughts to Marilyn, and our extended thanks to your Office Assistants as well, they were always a pleasure to deal with when communicating “showing” appointments.

Mike & Bev, Oshawa, Ontario



(The following is a transcription of a voice mail message)

Mr. Roberto,

This is Ann F. I just wanted to let you know that, I think actually last week, a week ago, I listed my house with an agent called Janet Green, who is with the Greenbank Coldwell Banker Office. This morning I had some agents come through from the Oshawa area to view my home. I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful group of agents to work with. Janet Green has been exceptional. She has been the most wonderful agent for me. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She’s gone out of her way for me to meet several of my requests. She works well with me. She’s so agreeable, so flexible and very responsible and conscientious. I really have enjoyed working with her. But I also want to tell you that the group of agents who came in to view my house this morning were exceptionally nice people. They were respectful, polite, friendly, really lovely people. I kept saying to Janet after, “My, What a nice group of people. They are so nice.” A couple of them gave us very positive feedback about my home. One lady actually stayed behind to help Janet and I move some furniture around, which was, I thought, beyond the call of duty and absolutely so helpful and so wonderful. So I just wanted to pass on to you my thanks, for you having some really nice people that are working for your office and how nice they are and respectful they are, and really polite and it was a pleasure to meet them all this morning. You take care, have a wonderful day. Thank you Mr. Roberto. Goodbye.

Ann F., Oshawa, Ontario